Consultant Hepatico Pancreato Biliary & Transplant Surgeon
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Invited Lectures

30 November 2015

Keynote lecture on : Hepatobiliary surgery: Recent Trends and what do we need from radiology before surgical planning?  Liver MRI Study Day, Radiology Academy, Plymouth

19 July 2014
Simulatenous Liver and Colorectal resection for colorectal liver metastases. PSGI Surgicon Conference,Coimbatore, India

25 May 2014
Management of Colorectal liver metastases, Andhra Medical Graduates Re-union, Radisson Hotel, Bedford, UK

23 April 2014
Complex Liver Surgery, Plymouth Liver Study Day, Postgraduate Medical Centre, Plymouth

12 March 2014
Liver MDT, GBIHPBA, Lemington Spa, UK

19 December 2013
Evaluation of a patient with deranged Liver function tests, Regional Core Surgical training day, Plymouth.

19 December 2013
Organ Donation, Regional Core Surgical training day, Plymouth.

19 December 2013
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Regional Core Surgical training day, Plymouth.

2 May 2013
Management of Colorectal Liver Metastasis, Regional SpR Training Day, Plymouth.

30 October 2012
Pancreatic surgery, Clinical Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia

22 October 2012
Recent Advances in the management of colorectal liver metastases, GP day, Torquay, UK

4 May 2012
Management of Liver and Splenic Trauma, Regional Surgical SpR Training day, Radiology Academy, Plymouth.

6 May 2011
General Transplant Considerations, Regional Surgical SpR Training day, Radiology Academy, Plymouth.

16 November 2011
Laparoscopic liver resection, South West Master Class, Radiology Academy, Plymouth

Postgraduate Teaching

BSS 2013 1At postgraduate level, I am involved in the teaching of specialist and core surgical trainees, and house officers during daily ward rounds, in the operating theatres, and out patient clinics.

  • Surgical Tutor for Core Surgical trainees
  • ATLS instructor
  • Convener and faculty member of Core laparoscopic surgical skills course 
  • Convener and faculty member of Basic Surgical Skills course
  • Convener and faculty member of Laparoscopic cholecystectomy course
  • Convener and faculty member of Open inguinal hernia course
  • Educational and Clinical supervisor: I am an educational and clinical supervisor for core and specialist surgical trainees.

Undergraduate Teaching

I have an interest in medical education and teaching. At an undergraduate level, I was involved in teaching of medical students at Derriford Hospital from Peninsula Medical School. This involved both the non-clinical tutorial sessions and clinical teaching during the student’s attachment to the surgical department. These teaching sessions follow a set syllabus and utilise various methods that I am familiar with such as ward-based teaching and small group tutorial sessions.

  • I supervise 5th year medical students posted for five weeks on our firm.
  • I am an Academic tutor for two year 4 medical students

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education

Due to my special interest medical education, particularly in educational theories, teaching and learning styles, I have enrolled for the Postgraduate certificate in Medical Education run by the Peninsula Medical School. As part of this degree, I have completed six modules: Advanced Assessment methods, Qualitative Research, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Developing Professional Practice, Problem-based learning, and Teaching in practice. These educational modules gave me an insight into various assessment methods, how to give feedback, educational theories, learning styles and methods, and various teaching methods. I was awarded postgraduate certificate in medical education in 2009.